Zinc Contemporary | Layne Kleinart Gokotta Morning Song
ZINC contemporary exhibits the work of contemporary artists from the PNW and beyond with two gallery locations in the Seattle area.
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Morning Song by Layne Kleinart
30.5 x 39″ diptych, water media on found textile with steel mount

Layne Kleinart



On her piece for SAUDADE   –  The inspiration for “Morning Song” is a Swedish word, gökotta, that means to wake up early in the morning with the specific purpose of going outside to hear the first birds sing.
The word confers attention on a highly enriching activity that has been neglected lately.  I chose the diptych format to allude to a seperate-ness from nature.  Looking out of a window for example, may be ones experience before it is replaced with the surprise discovery of the joy outside…seeing a morning sunrise and hearing the first bird’s song.” – Layne Kleinart