Zinc Contemporary | ZINC contemporary Artist Layne Kleinart RIGHT THRU YOU 30 x 20" coffee, beet juice, house paint on found textile
Through the subject of youth and animals, Layne Kleinart's work seeks to explore the transient nature of innocence and memory in gestural paintings using natural stains, such as coffee and beet juice, on second-hand bedsheets and pillow cases. Rather than mask the identity of these found materials, Kleinart embraces the materials and accentuates their spectral nature by hanging them as sculptural installations, floating from the wall and shifting with the movements of the viewer.
Layne Kleinart, mixed media, painting, mixed media painting, drawing, natural pigments, found textiles, Dirty Laundry, figurative art, youth, innocence, memory, gestural painting, art, art gallery, contemporary artist, contemporary painter, contemporary printmaker, uw, seattle artist, seattle art collector, art collection, art stable building, Seattle Print Arts
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