Zinc Contemporary | ZINC contemporary Artist Liz Tran Lightspeed Six 48 x 48" mixed media on panel
Lightspeed The psychedelic visuals are harvested from the place where inner-verse meets outer-verse, where optical misfires combine with a vacuum pull moving at the speed of light. The momentum is unrelenting, leading to the unknown. Bio Liz Tran is a graduate in Print Art and Painting from Cornish College of the Arts. She exhibits both nationally and internationally. Public collections of Tran’s work include the City of Seattle's Portable Works Collection, The City of Portland’s Portable Works Collection, Baer Art Center, Camac Art Centre, The El Paso Children’s Hospital, Harborview Medical Center, The King County Public Art Collection and The Child Center. She has been awarded multiple fellowships and grants; including a Grant for Artist Projects (GAP) from Artist Trust, Clowes Fellowship for residency at the Vermont Studio Center, the Nellie Cornish Scholarship and residency at The Camac Art Centre in France, The Babayan Culture House in Ibrahimpasa, Turkey, The Baer Art Center in Iceland, Jentel, Millay Colony for the Arts and The Center for Contemporary Printmaking. She resides in Seattle, WA.
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