Zinc Contemporary | ZINC contemporary Artist Lydia Bassis MEMORY VEIL BUOY 72 x 48" acrylic and paper on panel
Lydia Bassis Artist Statement for VERGE Memory Veil - My recent series of paintings is titled Memory Veil. The paintings are not about specific memories, rather about how memories are stored in the mind and what the activity of remembering is like as an experience. Memories often waver between being crystal clear, veiled in a fog or layered clear parts with bits that feel far away and hard to grasp. Sometimes specific moments filter up and through to the top while others remain in the back of the mind, just out of view. I'm intrigued by how fragments of past experiences change as we remember them, and how the very act of repeatedly remembering something changes the initial experience, no matter how deeply embedded within. -Lydia Bassis
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