Zinc Contemporary | ZINC contemporary Artist Melinda Tidwell FICTION PLANET collage on panel
My work begins with the formal aspects of design and a fascination with the balance of visual elements in composition. Using simple geometric shapes and rectilinear alignments, I focus on the coherence and juxtaposition of color, pattern, placement and size. My background in mathematics, computer graphics, and design informs my predilection for the geometric. This rational foundation serves as the basis for my departure into what is not rational: the way colors activate each other, how size and position muddle or enhance visual unity, the simple grace of worn and tattered surfaces. The picture plane becomes a dialogue of vibrant, abstract voices unified by a logic one can feel but not fully understand. This, to me, is wonderfully mysterious and enlivening.
Melinda Tidwell, collage, paper ephemera, graphic design, repurposed books, contemporary artist, contemporary collage, text, letters, typography, vintage books, book art, design, mathematics, pieces of stories, ZINC artist, ZINC contemporary
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