WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR?  |  works by Rachel Campbell

Rosanna’s I and II Dyptich
36 x 96″ oil on canvas
Some Days, Depending on the Day, I can’t see the Trees for the Wood
37 x 49″ oil on linen
Food Pride III
30 x 40″ oil on linen
Still Life with Bread and Confectionary
30 x 24″ oil on canvas
Frida and I on a Summer’s Day
40 x 50″ oil on linen
The Garten Cafe
38 x 50″ oil on linen
That Guy in Starbucks with a Venti and Fitbit
37 x 27″ oil on linen
Same but Not Same
24 x 30″ oil on canvas
To Remember – We All Have a Story
18 x 48″ oil on linen
Lunch in Texas
36 x 24″ oil on canvas
No. 6
38 x 48″ oil on linen
Then He Said There Was Kindess
24 x 48″ oil on canvas

¨I think of my work as similar to that of a poet who writes about the everyday, but instead of words, I express myself in paint. I engage in narratives. I’m reflecting on stories I have been told or experiences I have had. Humor is often prevalent in the work—often with a sense of playfulness around things that are common and ordinary. In my most recent work I am commenting on the importance of joy and celebration in life and how this is critical to our well-being. My paintings are landscapes, so whether they are traditional landscape or they depict food, or portraits of objects, these are all a form of landscape to me. I paint about the relationships between elements and our relationship to those narrative elements.¨ – Rachel Campbell