Zinc Contemporary | Shirley Scheier Dear Frida
ZINC contemporary exhibits the work of contemporary artists from the PNW and beyond with two gallery locations in the Seattle area.
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Scheier_Dear Frieda_27x18_graphiteONfabriano
Dear Frida by Shirley Scheier 
27 x 18″ graphite on Fabriano framed

Shirley Scheier


Shirley Scheier Headshot 2017

On her work and practice –  “My work takes different forms….works-on-paper, painting, handmade books, and intaglio monoprints. In my earlier life, I often picked the medium to strengthen an idea, usually a story I wanted to tell. In the past decade, subject has been flowing from materials and methods of the work informing me of deeper concerns.  My creative practice is a way of accessing and expressing  the non-verbal…. from sensations, intuition, to a spirituality.  In my day-to-day life I collect information through several means of observation….gardening, walking, listening to wind and birds, touch, swimming, an embrace, feeling the depths of emotion….transcending all the chatter into a pure energy and source for my creative practice. I paint, draw, collage papers together, and carry on “conversations” with other entities not in the room. I share this work in hopes to add vibrancy to our cultural exchange and appreciation of life.” – Shirley Scheier