Urban Outfitters Picks.

Since the Anthropologie entry was so popular I have posted some of my picks from the Urban Outfitters site. Can’t you just see the two birdy/flower hooks in an stainless kitchen with a broom and a mop hanging from...

Will you be my sensei?

I have this relationship with AvroKO. Well it’s more like hero worship. Or stalking. It all started when I was hired by Starbuck’s store concept division to compile a list of dream partners. Possible collaborators if you will. A great little research gig...


Saturday night we went to the bookstore, looked for the most inspiring magazine we could find and went to Redfin for some delicious bites, a bottle of wine, and some very very tasty toasted coconut ice cream. It was all good. P.S. One of the reasons that I like going...

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