Turning down the heat.

I read this article last night as I was under a couple -five- blankets. PS – It is so much easier to be under the covers with my iphone NY Times app then a laptop. Although that doesn’t say much for my sex...

The List.

I am compiling a list of must’s for our upcoming trip to NYC. One among many will be the new shop/s at the Port Authority’s Blank Sl8: Wouldn’t it be cool if Seattle had some place that got as much traffic as the Port Authority that showcased the...

140 character stories by Arjun Basu

Tweets by arjunbasu There is this thing that people do on Twitter. Write stories, or snippets, in 140 characters. Here is a guy that is really popular for his stories. If you read through them you get a sense of his most recent fixations – sex, tension, bodily...

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