“Working with ZINC to find the right pieces for our new home was more fun than I thought it could be. The whole idea of choosing art seemed very stressful and they made it easy.
Now I get to look at amazing art every day.” 

– Pam S.


I’ve been looking at a lot of galleries and gallery websites – and then I found ZINC contemporary. I absolutlely love the artists featured and I’m going to be selecting a number of pieces!

– Lorraine B

My home has now been filled with 4 stunning works from ZINC. I have been sitting with/living with them now for @ least a week and it’s interesting – they bring a kind of energy in to my home, it’s such a quiet energy, intense and still. My goal in making a move and buying a new home was to be in an environment that is away, verdant, still, yet nourishing – a respite from the manufactured outrage and constant distraction of what seems to be our lives now, I love that these works have accentuated that.

– Stacy M

Awesome art, very friendly people. I just really liked this gallery!

– Lisa S

“We designed our home around this piece. We wouldn’t have found it without Laura’s help at ZINC contemporary and I am looking forward to adding more. Having a handful of art pieces delivered to our home to “try out” in our space was such a treat.  To appreciate the artwork in the room and on the walls helps tremendously in the decision making process of selecting just the right piece.   Thank you!” 

– Melissa J.


We all know that Santa is dealing with some rather large supply chain issues...

But the good news is there's still time to help Santa out AND get the art you have been dreaming of!

Just fill out a simple wish list with ZINC contemporary and we'll do the rest!

Let's take the guesswork out of gift-giving and make your holiday dreams come true!


PS - We can arrange for your friends and family to go in on a gift together or arrange for a payment plan!

Santa has received your message and is working behind the scenes now!