#FIGURATIVEFALL at ZINC contemporary

THE YEAR OF SMALL THINGS | new works by Rachel Campbell

August 5th – August 28th, 2021

#FIGURATIVEFALL at ZINC contemporary

“My moments are not clichéd. But they are real and deserve to be celebrated and have brought me real joy.”

– Rachel Campbell

#FIGURATIVEFALL at ZINC contemporary

BIOMES | new works by Betsy Walton

September 2nd – September 30th, 2021

#FIGURATIVEFALL at ZINC contemporary

I hope to create a sense of wonder and
appreciation for the complexities of our minds,
bodies, and environments.”

– Betsy Walton

#FIGURATIVEFALL at ZINC contemporary

WELCOME TO YESTERDAY | new works by Jennifer Ament

October 7th – October 30th 2021

#FIGURATIVEFALL at ZINC contemporary

“My goal is to expand and clarify the idea of existence and
reality through an investigation of “what is truth?” in my
paintings. I believe there is some kind of universal energy
around the question of  ‘is everything an illusion?’, and the
possibility that we’re living in a dream state.” 

– Jennifer Ament

#FIGURATIVEFALL at ZINC contemporary

FROM THE INSIDE | new works by Mary Finlayson

November 4th – November 27th, 2021

#FIGURATIVEFALL at ZINC contemporary

“I like to think of interiors as portraits that contain
their own narratives. I am interested in the stories that
they contain and how these spaces are used to tell stories
about the people who inhabit them. I’m drawn to rooms
that feel personal – places with meaning full of important
objects that create accidental compositions.”

— Mary Finlayson

#FIGURATIVEFALL at ZINC contemporary

UNDER A HUNGRY MOON | new works by Sofia Arnold

December 2nd – Janurary 8th, 2022

#FIGURATIVEFALL at ZINC contemporary

“Working quickly using a wet-on-wet technique, I create
lush, dreamlike scenes of half-remembered places. I pull
from a rotating mental inventory of objects and characters
that are clumsily recycled and often corrupted incrementally
from piece to piece. My work tries to capture with paint
what I see as the primal qualities of a place: the shifting
sensory touchstones that confuse me about feeling at home,
but also hemmed in and trapped.”

— Sofia Arnold


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