Holy Ballard Martz Gate Foundation Works

Coming soon: 20 Years Reflections on the 20th Anniversary of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

with Holly Ballard Marz



41 x 42″ student chalkboards, gold leaf, vinyl, paint

Martz_FirstAid(PreventionistheBestMedicine)_30x30x3__encaustic, glasssyringe, silverleaf, andblisterpillpacksonpanel

First Aid (Prevention is the Best Medicine)

30 x 30 x 3″ encaustic, glass syringe, silver leaf, and blister pill packs on panel

Martz_ForEveryActionThereisaReaction(StartHere)_24_ diameter_encaustic,mirror,metaltacksonpanel

For Every Action There is a Reaction

24 x 24″ encaustic, mirror, metal tacks on panel


Whether and When (The Power to Empower)

24 x 22″ laboratory glass (separately funnel, evaporator flasks, stop cock), pvc tubing, steel, paint

About Holly


Martz utilizes text and found objects to examine patterns of behavior and thinking, confronting her own latent biases and those woven into our national fabric.


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