Waldeinsamkeit by Katy Stone 
36 x 12″ acrylic and gold pigment on poly paper

Katy Stone



On her work and practice – I create objects with visual magnetism and distinct material presence that reflect the phenomena of nature.  Painting on a variety of materials including archival plastic film paper and metal, I accumulate a mass of gestures that are cut, combined and layered into collages and sculptural relief assemblages.  From specimen sized works to encompassing installations, my pieces capture a kind of monumentality and at the same time a feeling of transience. My works can be seen as amalgams that suggest a host of natural forms and processes exploring themes of transmutation, fluidity, falling and weightlessness. As the marks and shapes layer together, amassing and repeating, the work alludes to the idea of ongoing flow, to continual processes and to the infinite.” – Katy Stone