Chelsea Wong & Melissa Sims

Oct 5 – Nov 18th, 2017
gone fishin
a chicken walks into a bar
come here my little pretty
tell your face that
i look better with beer goggles
whats important now
Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 8.40.31 AM

Sims holds degrees in photography and art history from the University of Georgia, but after college she took a job in a painting “sweatshop” where she painted hundreds of paintings a year. It was there that she learned many painting techniques from her artist coworkers. She combined that knowledge with her photography, imagination, and sense of humor and started to create what you see today.

Although her subject matter may slightly change due to changes in her life, sexy pinup to a child’s toy, the spirit of her paintings remain the same, life is to short and uncertain….smile.