I was hanging a show of some of my work at the Anthropologie downtown the other night. After the store closed, I overheard the staff meeting at which the manager told them that it was the best December that that particular store had ever had. I think that this must be...

Lighting DIY

Like this? You can now make this: The Lindsey Adelman DIY chandelier. She lists all the parts, gives instructions etc. Karmic goodness to her! Thanks Remodelista for posting!


We all know that Santa is dealing with some rather large supply chain issues...

But the good news is there's still time to help Santa out AND get the art you have been dreaming of!

Just fill out a simple wish list with ZINC contemporary and we'll do the rest!

Let's take the guesswork out of gift-giving and make your holiday dreams come true!


PS - We can arrange for your friends and family to go in on a gift together or arrange for a payment plan!

Santa has received your message and is working behind the scenes now!