What To Expect

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At ZINC we believe that art fuels innovation, sparks conversation and connection

and makes the world a more vivid place to live in.

Experiencing art should be fun, and curiosity should be rewarded.


When you visit a ZINC location (we currently have two – Pioneer Square and Edmonds),

you will be greeted by a friendly and educated team ready to guide you according to your needs,

whether you want to quietly contemplate the pieces without conversation

or learn anything and everything about the artist, we are here to help.


It’s up to you and it’s all good!


Interested in attending an art opening, reception, talk or event? 

Please do! We are constantly adding new events and experiences

to our calendar to engage, delight and inspire.


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Seattle is a pretty casual place – so come as you are

and expect to meet new people in a warm and friendly atmosphere.