Zinc Contemporary | ZINC contemporary Pattern Recognition | new works by Holly Ballard Martz
ZINC contemporary exhibits the work of contemporary artists from the PNW and beyond with two gallery locations in the Seattle area.
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Holly Ballard Martz

hballardmartz_color deficiency, I don't see color (black)_13.5x24.5x6_vintage x-ray viewer, Duratrans
hballardmartz_double crossed since birth_14x14.25_vintage men's detachable shirt collars
hballardmartz_open to interpretation (do you see what I see)_imitation gold leafon Rives BFK_30x22
hballardmartz_speak now or forever hold your piece_dimensions variable_vintage dental x-ray viewers, mixed media
hballardmartz_triage_89 x 22 x 6_found stretcher frame, brass stencils, brass
exterior shot
hballardmartz_land of the free_22x32_portion of US flag with color chemically removed, plastic price tage, vinyl, thread, grommets (1)
hballardmartz_stacked_vintage men's silk detachable shirt collars, toner transfer_22.25x16.25
hballardmartz_old glory (whitewashed and monetized)_57x31.5_found US flag with color chemically removed, shredded US currency, vinyl, thread
hballardmartz_to the highest bidder_22 x 60.5_portion of US flag with color chemically removed, plastic price tags, brass beads, embroidery floss
hballardmartz_procedural error results in flawed experiment_30 x 4.5 x 4.5_vintage US flag, glass tube
hballardmartz_color deficiency, I don't see color (white)_13.5x24.5x6_vintage x-ray viewer, Duratrans
hballardmartz_power grid_vintage men's detachable shirt collars_16x16
hballardmartz_the danger of nostalgia in wallpaper form (in utero) detail_dimensions variable_steel wire, paint
hballardmartz_security blanket_72 x 48_found US military blanket, paint, holes from 9mm bullets and 12 gauge shotgun blasts
install shot (Orwellian stele)
hballardmartz_separation of (gilded)_15 x 22_toner transfer and imitation gold leaf on Rives BFK
hballardmartz_separation of_15 x 22_toner transfer on Rives BFK

Pattern Recognition is my response to our politically charged times. In this exhibition I utilize text and found objects to examine patterns of behavior and thinking, confronting my own latent biases and those woven into our national fabric. – Holly Ballard Martz