ZINC contemporary

312 South Washington, Suite B

Seattle, WA 98104

open by appt. 


+1 206 617 5775



ZINC contemporary is a platform dedicated to championing the work of female artists.  As an artist and designer, Founder Laura Zeck, has firsthand knowledge of the challenges that female artists face in getting their works recognized and valued. Because of her experience, Zeck is a passionate advocate for gender equality in the art world and works tirelessly to bring attention to the works of ZINC's all female roster.   ZINC contemporary is helping to give female artists the recognition and exposure they deserve, while making art collecting an experience of connection and fun. 
ZINC contemporary represents emerging and mid-career artists with unique vision, a high level of skill, passion for color, and an intrinsic love of storytelling.
ZINC contemporary (originally founded in 2013 as ZINC art + interiors), shifted it's focus to art 100% in 2016 when it opened it's second location in Pioneer Square - Seattle's historic gallery district.