FEVER DREAMS: a solo exhibition of works by Sofia Arnold

18 November - 29 December 2018

 "My early work was a narrative-driven exploration of intentionally isolated communities, inspired by my early life as the daughter of 1970s era “back-to-the-landers” in the unglaciated hills of Southwestern Wisconsin. The constant tension between the feral and the domestic, and the mundane details of carving out a life on the fringe remains a source of angst and fascination for me. Over time my working style has loosened and expanded while my focus has shifted to my own everyday surroundings and subconscious. I work quickly using a wet-on-wet technique to create lush, dreamlike scenes of half-remembered places. I pull from a rotating mental inventory of objects and characters that are clumsily recycled and often corrupted incrementally from piece to piece. I am trying to capture with paint what I see as the primal qualities of a place: the shifting sensory touchstones that confuse me about feeling at home, but also hemmed in and trapped." 

- Sofia Arnold




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