In The Studio : with Sarah More

  • When we first began working with Sarah, she was located in beautiful Bend, Oregon. 
    But after an extended stay to paint a mural at Meta for their Open Arts Program
    Sarah and her husband Bill decided it was time to relocate. More now lives in
    West Seattle (with Bill and her pup Ruby) and is looking for a studio she and
    Ruby can walk to from their apartment.
  • Installation Images

    Meta Open Arts Program
  • 'Working on the mural for Meta opened me up. I had never done anything that large and it required me...
    Sarah and Bill in front of From The Outback To The Sound, 
    at the 2022 Seattle Art Fair. Scale inspired by Meta,
    content inspired by their move from Bend to Seattle.

    "Working on the mural for Meta opened

    me up. I had never done anything that

    large and it required me to

    think differently.


    Now I just want to work big all

    of the time -It's so satisfying to

    feel like you can walk into

    this space of color and shape."

    - Sarah More 

  • Q & A

    ZC: What is your favorite time of the day to create?
    SM: I like working in the morning, but because of my work schedule, I’ve been mostly painting in the afternoon, and then I paint after dinner. I like it because that’s when i’m the most chilled out, and in a good mindset. Ideally I'd paint in the morning, but this works out. The light in here is pretty good all day.
    ZC: Who are your influences?
    SM: Ed Emberly - his work is playful and simple and genius.
    Takashi Mirakami -  working for him was a huge achievement and a huge influence on my work - the idea of the art as an object, the focus on the surface - everything totally perfect. 
  • sarah more laughing in her studio
    Quick to laughter, More is as joyful as her paintings.


    More's Top 6
  • 'Walking allows me an opportunity to clear my head while simultaneously filling it with elements of the natural world and...

    More and her walking partner, Ruby. 

     "Walking allows me an opportunity to clear my
    head while simultaneously filling it with elements of
    the natural world and the way it interacts with the
    built environment. When I return to the studio, I redraw
    these disparate parts from memory and photographs,
    distilling them even further into their most basic
    abstract forms."
    - Sarah More
  • Selected Works

    • Sarah More, Red Rhapsody, 2017
      Sarah More, Red Rhapsody, 2017
    • Sarah More, Eye See Me See You, 2020
      Sarah More, Eye See Me See You, 2020