AGENCY: Feminist Art & Power at the Museum of Sonoma County

featuring the work of Holly Ballard Martz
Agency: Feminist Art and Power  curated by Karen M. Gutfreund, brings together the work of womxn artists who represent different cultural backgrounds, generations, geographic locations, LGBTQI and gender identities. The twenty-eight exhibiting artists explore the concept of agency—the capacity to act or exert one’s own power; to act independently and to make free choices. They present work that challenges cultural and political norms, and examines empowerment, identity, gender roles, aging, gender fluidity, reproductive choice, women and work, violence, and more. Agency: Feminist Art and Power gives the public access to cutting edge work and ideas of womxn artists who are exploring urgent social topics that confront our understanding of what shapes us as individuals and communities.
January 22, 2022
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