On the Bright Side: Local Artist’s Paintings To Be Featured In Seattle Gallery

Greg Klein, The Daily Star, February 8, 2021

A Cooperstown resident has a solo art show opening next month in a West Coast art center.

Ashley Norwood Cooper's show "Picnic at Sunset," will open Thursday, March 4, at ZINC Contemporary, an art studio in Seattle. 

A South Carolina native who also teaches at SUNY Oneonta, Cooper has been selling her work through ZINC for about three years now, but she said the solo show is a step up for her. 

 "The way it usually works is they show some of your paintings in a two-person show, or a group show, to gauge how their buyers respond to your work," she told The Daily Star on Friday, Feb. 5.

"So, to have my own show is a new thing," she continued. "I have been waiting a while, because it has been delayed two times or three times, now, I think."

The show is named for one of the oil paintings in Cooper's collection. "Picnic at Sunset" shows a mother expressing emotion as she chases her child and her family's picnic is invaded by insects, all while her partner zones out on music or social media, oblivious to the chaos around them.