Talking Creative Journeys, Color and Nancy Reagan with Seattle Artist, Jennifer Ament

Amanda Carter Gnomes, The Fold Magazine, February 26, 2020

Two years ago I attended a Creative Mornings talk in Seattle. The topic was "Anxiety" and the speaker was Jennifer Ament, an artist whose work both professionally and socially I had long admired, and someone that had become a casual acquaintance through mutual friends. Jennifer's presentation was revelatory in way that resonates with me still; she was honest and transparent about her creative journey. And not for the sake of it being trendy or "on brand" for the moment, she was open simply because she did not know how not to be. My fandom grew in that hour and the following year I asked her to be on a panel I was moderating about career pivots. She, once again, was open about everything from career timing (she did not start selling her work until her late thirties) to the financial realities of being an artist in an increasingly expensive city.