Ashley Norwood Cooper Feature On Create!

Alicia Puig, Create! Magazine, May 18, 2023

@zinccontemporary is showing at VOLTA NY Art Fair where the gallery is featuring recent works by the New York-based artist @ashleynorwoodcooper. This abbreviated collection of paintings entitled SWARM comes directly from a larger solo of the same title recently exhibited at the Fenimore Art Museum.

Cooper’s paintings have always been an exploration of the creative lives of women, the awkwardness of family relationships, the role of the mother/wife/daughter/artist/teacher and the unpredictability of the natural world. With this collection she investigates these narratives through the metaphorical journey of bees, finding poetry beneath the layers of paint.


The bees are struggling. They are like menopausal ballerinas. They are flying and falling at the same time,” - the artist describing the bees in her paintings.


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