We hope you will enjoy WOKE our 13 page full color booklet on the works presented at the VOLTA Art Fair in NYC 2020 just before the shutdown.


As a contemporary art gallery with a focus on making women in the art world visible and successful,our presentation at VOLTA was a pivotal moment in our history. We believed in the works of Ashley Norwood Cooper – so much so that we reasoned with the curator of the fair that her works were important and unsung – and that these  important and large figurative paintings needed to be seen.

We were beyond thrilled with this mention by Art Critic Jillian Steinhauer of the New York Times at the end of the first day of our presentation “I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one figurative painter here: Ashley Norwood Cooper, with ZINC contemporary gallery. In high-key color, Ms. Cooper renders intimate scenes of women who seem immersed in their interior lives and creativity (always with cats at hand). Tender and funny, the works stopped me in my tracks.”



COLLECT art by women.

SUPPORT the galleries and museums that search out, curate and exhibit art by women.

ADVOCATE among your friends to see and champion art by women.

GIVE the gift of art by women.

Remember as Anna Lappé has said so wisely –

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote
for the kind of world you want.”


In direct response to the imbalance in the art world, ZINC contemporary
is committed to the mission of making female artists VISIBLE AND SUCCESSFUL,
while making art collecting an adventure of curiosity, connection and fun!

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