SEATTLE ART FAIR 2019: August 2019

1 - 4 August 2019 

ZINC contemporary is pleased to present a large scale installation of Holly Ballard Martz’s Danger of Nostalgia (in wallpaper form), calling attention to the murky history of women's reproductive rights and our perplexing political climate. The piece which is made from 150 wire hangers reshaped into the female reproductive system — brings past to present — and points out our tendency to romanticize the past and neglect the threats to our current rights and liberties.


Artists exhibited:   Sofia Arnold  |  Holly Ballard Martz  | Betz Bernhard  |  Rachel Campbell  |  Ling Chun  |  Ashley Norwood Cooper  |  Layne Kleinart  |  Sarah Lubin  |  Hibiki Miyazaki  |  Gina Occhiogrosso  |  Barbara Robertson  |  Andrew Rubinstein  |  Alayne Spafford  |  Betsy Walton