NEGOTIATIONS: a solo exhibition of works by Martina Nehrling

28 May - 25 June 2022

ZINC contemporary is please to present a West Coast debut of works by Martina Nehrling entitled NEGOTIATIONS.  This body of work has no fear of color, creating the stunning abstractions Nehrling is best known for. Bold short stripes cut across the canvas, composing a crescendo of hues that sit together neatly while demanding to be understood. Peeking through the thicket of lines are multicolored iridescent fogs asking the question “What if?”.

In a compositional language of maximalism, Nehrling’s work reflects our abundant access to information and entertainment that is at once the privilege and burden of contemporary life. The era of social media and rabid consumption of streaming content has amplified the 24 hour news cycle. Intensified political divisions, the pandemic, and her own aging further raise the stakes involved in the constant decision making of daily life.

“In order to function effectively with some agency, amusement, and aplomb I approach as a negotiator.” - Martina Nehrling, Artist

With an almost synesthesic quality Nehrling’s compositions explore visual rhyming - the points and counterpoints of chromaticity strike chords and discords. There is a thrilling and joyful feeling of suspension and levitation in these pieces. They express exuberance, fear, delight and hysteria. There is a discernible vocabulary of flexibility and endlessness in the way the colors mingle and merge. 

“​​With this tensile language I explore what it means to be here, musing meditatively or ranting in lush celebration, high-pitched lament, or raucous rebellion.” - Martina Nehrling


Installation Views
Virtual Exhibition