BIOMES: a solo exhibition of works by Betsy Walton

2 - 30 September 2021
Installation Views
Press release

ZINC contemporary is pleased to announce a second solo exhibition, BIOMES with Portland based artist Betsy Walton. In this series, Walton continues her investigation of natural forms and ecosystems from coral reefs to brain cells combined with figures that help to tell stories of  contemplation, transformation, and growth. 

In the last year, Walton has been experimenting with daily rituals within her studio practice. She may start the day with a walk or run, breathwork and movement and then transition into writing to get out thoughts on her likes and dislikes in an effort to overcome the obstacles of the inner critic.  The exhibition of 14 acrylic and gouache paintings on panel with titles like “Bodyscan” and “Neuroplasticity” are layered with shapes, each abundantly colored and patterned as if with a message to the figures hidden within the paintings. 

Of her work Walton writes -I hope to create a sense of wonder and appreciation for the complexities of our minds, bodies, and environments.”

Born in Lawrence, Kansas, Walton received a BFA in printmaking from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and has enjoyed a long career as an illustrator for clients like Chronicle Books, Urban Outfitters, Poketo, and Target. Her work is in many personal and private collections and 

has been shown in galleries across the US, Australia and the UK. She is currently represented by ZINC contemporary, Stephanie Chefas Projects and Galeria Casa Colon in Mexico. She will begin a mural project with the Facebook Open Arts Program in October.

Neuroplasticity II

30 x 40 acrylic and gouache on panel