SHE SANG FOR YOU: a solo exhibition of works by Danäe Anderson

7 January - 27 February 2021

ZINC contemporary is pleased to introduce a new exhibition, SHE SANG FOR YOU, with new works by Danäe Anderson. The artist’s work employs movement and music to inflect an “improvised choreography,” documenting movement, chance, and the human experience. A born multidisciplinary artist, Anderson has a background in dance, ceramics, stage and theatre design, as well as visual art. Her dance training under Merce Cunningham and energetic experimentation with form through Japanese Raku ceramics have influenced her preeminent painting technique. 

 Anderson allows chance associations that arise from the immediacy and physicality of intuition and observation in her art practice.  Revealing similarities to the artistic movements of Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism, the artist applies tools of expression and free-association to unleash the depths of the unconscious. The result is a deep overlay of scribbles, textures, and forms layered on using mixed media: pencil, chalk, oil pastel, and graphite exploring subjects of play, dreams, language, ancestry, and memory.

“In original cultures; things created (the making of objects: art), and things happening (music and dance) are one. Action/process become the principal mode of thought. The artist is called to respond to the things happening and so documents the imperatives of life.”  

- Danae Anderson


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