DRAWING MEANING: a two woman exhibition featuring Gabe Brown and Deborah Zlotsky

2 - 26 February 2017

ZINC contemporary is proud to present the Seattle debut of New York artists Gabe Brown and Deborah Zlotsky in a two woman exhibition entitled DRAWING MEANING.  

"I am extremely interested in the variety of mark making, use of layers and dependence on the process to make the works included in this exhibition. The side by side comparison of works by these two very different artists sets up a conversation for the viewer. I feel like I am listening to the conversations of the collective unconscious", says Curator and Founder, Laura Zeck. 

Both Brown & Zlotsky’s work seek paths to unearth meaning in the world. The accumulation of layers and twist of brush strokes provide glimpses into uncovering life’s complexities.


From Brown: “Using a visual vocabulary derived from a world that often goes unnoticed, everyday events such as conversations between birds, forces that drive water, or the cellular structure of plant life, I begin to reinvent reality. This experience enables me to come closer to an understanding of how it is that I identify with the world.” 


From Zlotsky: “As I work, new relationships repeatedly redirect me, blurring my understanding of the difference between accident and intention. These adjustments and repairs accumulate in the work, shaping new structures, languages, and systems. This process of

continual revision both brings me closer to and gives me distance from the friction between intention and coincidence, subtle forces which shape my understanding of being in the world.”