TO THE OCEAN: a solo exhibition of works by Lydia Bassis

1 June - 1 July 2017

ZINC contemporary is pleased to present a sophomore solo exhibition with Seattle based artist Lydia Bassis entitled TO THE OCEAN.

"I consider the imagery in my work to be a private symbolism. My shapes and forms are born from my imagination and from referencing the world around me. I think of each painting as a vignette capturing a moment, experience, interaction, or feeling. I draw things that mostly can’t be described in words, and things that can’t be seen, like energy. I’m interested in how a specific place, space, thing, object, or even person, can have its meaning or identity
formed by its surrounding. My work process is exploratory; I rarely start a painting with a clear idea of how it will look when it's finished. What I do instead is have a feeling I'm working toward, something slightly intangible that becomes more concrete as my decisions with color and form play themselves out. In each painting I try to achieve a very specific balance; I want the work to be visually complex but also quiet and to promote a meditative feeling. I strive
to create work that is lighthearted and playful, bold, balanced, and sometimes funny."

- Lydia Bassis