NATURE / NURTURE: a solo exhibition featuring Layne Kleinart

21 September - 31 October 2019

ZINC contemporary is pleased to present a solo exhibition of selected works by Layne Kleinart. Nature/Nurture conceptualizes the artist’s fascination with the subtlety of human behavior and psychology; the secret story revealed through mere gesture, expression, and color. Enlightened by the Madonna and Child imagery encountered while travelling in Portugal, Kleinart entered a period of figurative work that has become a hallmark of her career. 

Using a monotype printmaking process to make multiple prints on paper, remnants of shapes and figures emerge, allowing the artist to build upon a narrative of curiosity and discovery that impresses upon us in childhood. Her Gauguin-esque landscapes explore temptations and feverish tensions of the human experience and the rapid undercurrent of adolescence. 


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