LAYER, PIECE, LAYER: a solo exhibition of works by Poppy Dodge

17 September - 8 October 2022

ZINC contemporary is proud to present the first in a series of fall virtual exhibitions featuring the works by Petaluma based artist Poppy Dodge.
Entitled LAYER, PIECE, LAYER, these colorful works by Poppy Dodge are a harmonious tribute to improvisational quilting. With an intuitive and process oriented approach, Dodge’s layering of opaque and translucent finishes create abstractions of dizzying effect.
In a compositional language of maximalism, Dodge’s work reflects traveling and memories of places explored as a child. Dodges process involves pulling combs through wet paint to
strengthen depth and texture, building line and movement. Warm and cool colors live in a
sublime world of texture and strata. These color memories are a central part of her work and convey an optimistic energy.
“I like to think of my work as color celebrations; a stacking of playful color conversations
joyfully stitching my life experiences together.” - Poppy Dodge


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