ARCHIVIST OF THE SKY: a solo exhibition of works by Deirdre Murphy

1 - 31 March 2016

ZINC contemporary is pleased to present a solo exhibition of works by Philadelphia based artist Deirdre Murphy entitled ARCHIVIST OF THE SKY.


“The writer, Henry Miller says in words, what I attempt in paint. In my painting, I investigate the complexities of relationships  -- be they groups of birds, clusters of stars or shards of geometric color shapes.  Flocks of starlings and the astro-matrixes of stellar constellations are metaphors for the mental maps of our contemporary social networking.  I am fascinated by the murmurations of flocking birds and how they shift and pulsate in a collective movement. Each bird’s movement causes a different flock shape to illuminate in the sky just as each season we see different star constellations. I paint to reveal the contained energy that repels or attracts one another, to explore how these subtle pattern changes tell us about our relationship to nature and to each other.  My use of color and shape investigate this theme of inter-dependency.”Deirdre Murphy


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