PINK Trees & Lilac Clouds: a solo exhibition of works by Lynne Flemons

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    ZINC contemporary is thrilled to present the works of Australian-based plein air painter Lynne Flemons in her first US solo exhibition entitled PINK TREES & LILAC CLOUDS. Flemons' works immerse the viewer in a world where color has no rules and landscapes are palpable with feeling.

    As a young girl in a family of boys growing up in the rural towns of inland NSW, Australia, Flemons relished alone time with her mother.  And on weekend outings, the two explored the landscape in their Ford Anglia. Perching on farm fences or the car hood, painting en plein air, they captured aspects of the rural environment, a love of which has become the basis of her career as an artist. 

    Believing that "landscape molds you as a person,” Lynne Flemons' modernist-inspired landscapes offer a contemporary lens on life in Southern Australia and the beauty of the natural world around her. Agitated brushstrokes and vivid colors play out in a variety of flora. Flemons collects moments and places - "interpretations of my experiences of being immersed in the landscapes of my country." She begins her process with "research drawings" and watercolors created while in the landscape that become larger denser paintings back in the studio. 

    “It is through walking that I often find inspiration for my work, a reconnaissance of sorts; preliminary observations anchor a need to represent something of the places I traverse whether through en plein air painting, drawing on-site or studio work,” says Flemons.

    Flemons studied art at The Australian National University as both an undergraduate and postgraduate obtaining a Masters of Philosophy. En plein air drawing and painting have always been integral to the artist's practice and her heightened sense of colour and shape derives from the feeling of being in the landscape. 


    Flemons has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout Australia and has works in many international collections. Flemons' first solo in the US will take place with ZINC contemporary in April 2023.