Color Cure: A Vibrant, Rejuvenating Art Exhibit at ZINC contemporary

Aakanksha Agarwal, Seattleite, May 17, 2021

“Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet.” —Paul Klee

The healing green of trees, the calming shades of the ocean, the almost transcendental silver beam of moonshine, the brilliant golden rays of the sun… all colors come with accompanying feelings and emotions, on both a universal and individual level. 

If the riotous world of colors fascinates you, check out COLOR CURE, a group invitational exhibition at ZINC contemporary (@ZINCcontemporary) that runs now through June 26. The exhibit is a celebration of color and the positive psychological effects it can have on our brain and well-being. It also offers a counterpoint to preconceived ideas of art history that colorful art is not serious art while offering a much-needed visual respite to the challenging times we’re currently living through. Art has proven therapeutic effects on the human mind and soul.