COLLECTOR PROFILE: Timothy Siciliano and Lewis Chang

We chatted with Artist/Designer Timothy Siciliano and Nutritional Scientist Lewis Chang about their approach to collecting art in their beautiful Seattle home.

Lewis Chang and Timothy Siciliano in their Seattle home

What’s on your wishlist to collect next?

“I’m sure Lewis has his eyes on something. He is definitely more strategic than I am. I am more spontaneous.

– Timothy Siciliano

Q & A

Q: When/where did you meet and how long have you been together?

A:  We won’t disclose where we met – but around fifteen years of happiness.

Q: How many pieces do you estimate to be in your art collection? And is there a price range you look for that you would like to share?

A: One hundred plus. Our art ranges from thrift store gems, Mexican arts and crafts, contemporary northwest artists, native American artists, contemporary African and Asian artists, Aboriginal artists – we’re global in our view of art.

Q: As a collector, how does living with a piece of art affect your daily life?

A: We refer to our art as family. When we purchase a new piece we say we have a “new family member.”

Q: What do you do with works you are no longer interested in?

A: We rotate – we try to find room for all the family memembers. 

Q: Are there any works that you no longer have room for or wish to move on from?

A: So far we have no family members itching to leave our nest.

Q: What is your personal “tried-and-true” philosophy on collecting art you would pass on to new collectors?

A: Buy what you love. Be spontaneous, be strategic, look and look and look at art from all over the world and in every genre, all the time. The more you see, the more you know what grabs you and the more your appetite broadens.

Q: What is it like collecting as a couple? How do you decide on a piece?

A: Timothy: It’s a blast! We love enjoying art together.  Sometimes we both just love a piece at the same time. Other times I’m all set on a piece and Lewis brings me down to earth (where would that go? we can’t afford this right now, etc.). Other times I do that for him. And then other times, well, a piece of art just shows up. Surprise Timothy! Look what I bought! -or- Surprise Lewis! Look what I bought! So far we haven’t done anything too out of line.