BLIND STUDY: an invitational group exhibition

1 August - 11 September 2019

ZINC contemporary is pleased to present BLIND STUDY as the 3rd annual group invitational exhibition at our Pioneer Square gallery. 

BLIND STUDY is inspired by the “blind auditions” adopted by orchestras to reduce gender biasing in the 1970s and 1980s. During auditions, participants are asked to remove shoes and perform behind a screen to conceal their identity. Drawing upon a similar idea, artwork in the BLIND STUDY exhibition will be labeled using only the first initial and last name of the artist in an effort to eliminate gender partiality. In 2018, only 30% of gallery-represented artists in the U.S. were female, and female artists made an average of 25% of art sales compared to their male counterparts.* In BLIND STUDY, ZINC seeks to address the continuing gender disparity in the art world, and will feature a selection of abstract works. *UBS and Art Basel Art Market Report, 2019.


Exhibiting artists:

L Bassis  |  E Chamberlain  |  J Dempcy  |  J Johnson  |  K McCarthy  |  G Occhiogrosso  |

A Rubinstein  |  A Spafford

Installation Views