PSYCHIC LANDSCAPES : a solo exhibition of works by Betsy Walton

6 June - 13 July 2019

ZINC contemporary is pleased to present PSYCHIC LANDSCAPES  by Portland based Betsy Walton.  Featuring vivid habitats with richly layered textures and fine details, Walton’s imagery is inspired by microscopic natural phenomena, motherhood, the weather, mindfulness practice, and fine art printmaking techniques. The paintings combine organic forms, symbolic elements, and the human figure to describe transient states of being. 


Working quickly in stages, Walton paints layers of Holbein Acryla on birch panels and archival paper, she seeks to unearth elemental textures by sanding down her surface after each application of paint. She uses her daily life as a touchpoint for her artistic practice, referencing everything from geometric forms during her son’s swim lessons to the saturated colors of the Pacific Northwest landscape.  


“These paintings weave together symbolic objects, human figures, unconventional and vivid colors, geometric forms, washy textures and organic details.  I have been exploring and developing my painting process and visual vocabulary for over 20 years, and I am interested in painting as a mindfulness practice. I approach the work with the goal of entering a flow state where I am able to get lost in the layers as I build the image and experiment with the forms and the content in the image. I am pairing figures and icons in these spaces, I seek to depict a mix of emotions, moods and layers of meaning.   I am trying to see with my minds eye what this part of my mind/self has to tell me about what I can’t think or speak with words."

Installation Views