First of all, let me say that though money may be tight in the economy, there is still art to be purchased.  And drawings, prints and generally works on paper, are an excellent gateway drug to building an art collection worth showing. While in Williamsburg, we stumbled out of Junk ( a great thriftstore ) and into Pierogi (a gallery located just up the street).

Like any good donut, dumpling, bow, or bun – the best part is what is inside. And Pierogi has some ample filling. Flat file after flat file of works on paper by hundreds of artists. Anything from traditional print, to mixed media — genre after genre. The fine interns at Pierogi have painstakingly cataloged this work and tagged it for your pleasure. And the best part is that most of it is online, and alot of it can be had for a very reasonable amount of coin.

So the next time you are looking at a blank wall, and wondering if you shoud re-hang something less than worthy, take a peak at the surprise inside of Pierogi.






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