ZINC contemporary is flipping the status quo by representing a roster of artists that is more than 82% women. It is our mission to make women in the art world VISIBLE AND  SUCCESSFUL – while making art collecting an experience of connection, curiosity, adventure and fun! We have conveniently hightlighted our growing list of women artists in orange.

Jennifer Ament 
Danäe Anderson
Sofia Arnold
Holly Ballard Martz
Lydia Bassis
Laura Berman
Betz Bernhard
Gabe Brown
Carol Bolt
Rachel Campbell
John Dempcy
Mary Finlayson
gabe goldman mixed media on paper zinc contemporary
Conny Goelz Schmitt
gabe goldman mixed media on paper zinc contemporary
Gabe Goldman
Alfred Harris 
Sarah Helen More
Lynne Hovis Rotholtz 
Janel Johnson
Layne Kleinhart
Matthew Kennelly
Curt Labitzke
Hibiki Miyazaki
Deirdre Murphy
Martina Nehrling
Ashley Norwood Cooper
Gina Occhiogrosso
Edie Overturf
Barbara Robertson
Andrew Rubinstein
Melissa Sims
Alayne Spafford
Melinda Tidwell
Betsy Walton
Chelsea Wong
Deborah Zlotsky